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The Quran

Adult Quran Program

This program is suitable for participants aged 18 years and above. Besides studying the Quran, this program also offers daily prayer recitation and memorization of daily supplications as well as tafsir studies of Juz ‘Amma.
This program is conducted in Malay.

Program Objective

  • Improve Quranic recitation skills with tajwid

  • Make Quran a way of life

  • Understand and memorize daily supplication


  • Students aged 18 and above.

Program Duration and Time

  • Once a week

  • 1 hour 30 minutes per session.

Program Fee

  • The registration fee for this program is $20.00, payable once during the registration. The monthly fee is $37.80.

  • Fees do not include books and supplementary notes.

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