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Integrated Iqra Program

The integrated Iqra 'program provides an opportunity for children to learn the letters, words and verses of the Al-Quran systematically and gradually.
The program is conducted in Malay.

Program Objective

  • Produce students who can read and recite Quran well

  • Make students like and love learning about the Quran

  • Make them understand the content of the surahs (selected surahs)

  • Able to write hijaiyah letters (singular / connected) well

  • Able to establish prayer well into their daily life

  • Able to practice the daily prayers


Students aged 4 to 16 years

Program Duration and Time

  • Once a week

  • 1 hr 45 min per session


  • Recitation

  • Surah

  • Supplication

  • Ablution and Prayers (Practical)

Program Fee

  • The registration fee for this program is $20.00, payable once during the registration. The monthly fee is $46.

  • Fees do not include books and supplementary notes.

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