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Quran Clinic (Online)

This Al-Quran Clinic provides an opportunity to learn to read Al-Quran with individual attention. Appointments can be made according to the appropriate day and time for participants. Studies are also held according to the level of participants whether basic, intermediate or refined reading.
The program is conducted in Malay.

Program Objective

  • Improve Quranic reading skills with tajwid

  • Making the Quran as their living culture


  • Adolescents and adults

Program Duration and Time

  • 6 meetings / sessions

  • 30 minutes per session

  • Study time according to the time and day chosen by the participants

  • Participants as much as possible fit the chosen schedule. If a delay has to be made, then it must be done 2 days before the study schedule so that the place can be replaced by someone else. Otherwise, their booking will be considered as a no-show and no replacement of session or refund will be returned.

Program Fee

  • A registration fee of $20.00 to be paid only once and also $61.20 for 6 sessions during registration.

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